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Carr Surgical Cabinets - Operation And MaintenanceManual No. 338 Revised 1/13Placing / removing hooks on STC cabinets:Ladder on back of cabinet.Slots in ladder.Lever in unlocked position.Insert hook into slots and slide down.QSide viewQ QWith hook in place, turn lever down to locked position.To remove, reverse process.Replacing light bulbs:Cleaning:Clean with a soft cloth dampened with isopro- pyl alcohol. If using other cleaners, use cau- tion and test first. Some can damage or cause corrosion to the cabinet and it's components. Do not expose cabinet to an excess of any liq- uid. Thoroughly dry cabinet with soft dry cloth. Rub all cloths in direction of grain, not in a circular motion to pre- serve finish.Light fixtureRemove diffuserReplace light bulbs, 40 watt maxSDC24 Front viewNCC36,NCC48 Front viewPage 6338

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