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STC OptionsSMALLUTILITYHOOKS holdcatheters or various other smaller items. Length is 6”. Quick release lock. Option CH6.ENDOSCOPE HANGERS securely hold one scope in a non-marring nylon cradle. Quick release lock. Option EH6. Drip tray for scope hangers. Option DT. Air circulation fan for cabinet. Option FN.SLOPED TOPS (not shown) make dust removal easy. 9” High. Option ST.LOCKS canbeaddedforsecurityand be all keyed alike or different. Locks can be changed in just a few minutes. For a door lock, order Option DORLOK. For a drawer lock, order Option DWRLOK.ELECTRONIC LOCKS offer the con- venience of keyless security. Battery powered, numerical keypad. Codes easily changed. Option EDORLOK.CASTERS are rubber 3” diameter with smoothrollingballbearings. Somecabi- net height restrictions apply. Option CS.CAR R C O R P O RA T I O - 800 952 2398 - 8/14 - Page 8Small utility hook Endoscope hanger

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