Page 16 - Carr STC Cabinets Lit 8-14
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Carr Surgical Cabinets - Installation PreparationManual No. 338 Revised 1/13Remove drawers to access mounting holes.If cabinet has drawers, remove them to access mounting holes. Toggle latches to release.For correct allign- ment, replace drawers to their original position by matching the num- ber on the inside of the cabinet to the number on side ofdrawer.Make electrical connections:Mounting holesDrawer No. 4M QSide viewElectrical connectionElectrical connectionsORemove access panelRemove access panelSome cabinets re- quire electrical connections.Do so in conformance with local codes using a qualified electrician.Route power and ground wires to cabinet. Make final connections by re- moving access panels.Lighting fixtureRemove diffuserRemove raceways to connect outlets as requiredRemove screws to attach monitor if requiredSDC24 Front viewNCC36, NCC48 Front viewPage 2338

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