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STC Information INSTALLATION ACCESSORIESCC24 CC36 CC48 CC60 CC72 CC80FCB24 FCB36 FCB48 FCB60 FCB72 FCB80FBS3 FBS12FFT18 FFT24FST18 FST24FSWH SAHCAR RCabinet connector, Cabinet connector, Cabinet connector, Cabinet connector, Cabinet connector, Cabinet connector,Filler, cabinet body, Filler, cabinet body, Filler, cabinet body, Filler, cabinet body, Filler, cabinet body, Filler, cabinet body,Filler, base, 3”H Filler, base, 12”HFiller, flat top, 18”D Filler, flat top, 24”D24” H 36” H 48” H 60” H 72” H 80” H24”H 36”H 48”H 60”H 72”H 80”HFiller, sloped top, 18”D Filler, sloped top, 24”DFiller, soffit, width, height Shelf accessory holesC O R P O RA T I O - 800 952 2398 - 8/14 - Page 12SPECIFICATIONSDESIGN: Designed to the specifications set forth by Milspec, OSHPOD, JA, EU.CONSTRUCTION: Heavygaugetype304 stainless steel, welded modular assembly.FINISH: No. 4 stainless steel finish. All weldsground,polished. Nopits,scratches.HINGES: Full height stainless piano type. Hingemetal.170”thick. Pindiameter.100”. Self lubricating. Tested life of 750,000 cycles.HANDLES: Solid stainless open design on 4.00” centers, hidden mounting screws.DOOR CATCHES: Two .250” dia. nylon rollers, plated spring steel recepticles.DRAWER SLIDES: Ball bearing, full ex- tension & quick release. 250 Lbs. capacity.GLASS: Tempered double strength safety glass .250” thick, clear, labeled.SHELVES: Reinforced for strength on allfoursides. Heightadjustablein.500” increments on flush, built-in ladders.INSTALLATION: Anchorage holes pro- vided. Cabinetconnectors toassurerapid, accurate allignment of multiple units. Complete installation manual included.MISCELLANEOUS NOTESLOCK KEYING: Locks are normally keyedalike. Keyeddifferentlyonrequest.MATERIALS: Cabinetsarestainlesssteel with components made of glass, coated steel, aluminum, nylon, silicone and simi- lar materials. If your application precludes use of a particular material, please ad- vise and we can suggest substitutions.SHIPPING: Surface cabinets have top, side panels and base shipped separately and assembled in the field to reduce risk of freight damage. On request, cabinets can be shipped with components assembled.COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: All items are designed and manufactured in the USA.SEISMIC CALCULATIONS: Complete seismic calculations including OSHPD preapprovals are available on request.CAD DRAWINGS: Available on request. Ask for Carr document set number 1255.ORDINARY USE: Carr STC cabinets have not been designed for outdoor use.PRODUCTION SCHEDULING: Place your order as early as possible in your construction project to insure production and delivery on site at the time needed.13

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