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Specimen Pass Through SPT12Two door stainless steel cabinet facilitates the collection of lab samples while maintaining pa- tient privacy. Interlock prevents both doors opening at same time.Smooth interior for easy cleaning. Mounting holes provided. Inte- gral wall flange finishes wall opening. Optional opposing wall flange finishes wall on other side.SPT12127: 12”W, 12”H, 7”D Pass Thru for walls up to 6” thick.SPT121211: 12”W, 12”H, 11”D Pass Thru for walls up to 10” thick.SPT121217: 12”W, 12”H, 17”D Pass Thru for walls up to 16” thick.WF1212: 12”W, 12”H Wall flange. SPT12GD: Glassdoorwindow.CAR R C O R P O RA T I O - 800 952 2398 - 12/13 - Page 1

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