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Carr Surgical Cabinets - Recess Mounted Cabinet InstallationManual No. 338 Revised 1/13Cut wall opening, place cabinet and secure:StudsInstaller supplied mounting screwsProvided 1/4" mounting holesFront BackSide view1. Check local codes. Seismic calculations available.2. 1/4" Mounting holes pro- vided. Mounting screws not supplied. Use screws suit- able for wall material. All other screws, nuts provided.3. Wall opening width is the front width of the cabinet(s), less 1 1/2".4. Wall opening height is cabi- net front height less 1 1/2".5. Wall opening depth is cabi- net side less 3/4"6. Cut wall opening. Frame with stud material. Make sure cabinet mounting holes allign with studs as shown. Check opening is square.7. Slide cabinet into wall. Do not lift by door handles.8. Install mounting screws intoprovided holes. Do not over torque and damage cabinet. Hand torque only.9. If multiple cabinet installa- tion, attach cabinet connec- tor. Slide additional cabinet(s) into wall and se- cure screws to cabinet con- nector and mounting holes.10. Check cabinet(s) are in- stalled square to insure proper door movement. Shim as needed.For multiple cabinet installation:Top viewCabinet connectorFront view (drywall removed for clarity)Page 3338

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