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7 Series SpecificationsDESIGN: 7 Series Casework is de- signed for the unique requirements of medical and laboratory environments. It is intended to be highly durable for daily use yet feature a modern appear- ance. Cabinets meet all applicable in- dustry standards such as MILSPEC.CONSTRUCTION: Double wall con- struction throughout. Body structure consists of two outer panels formed into a pan with front bends creating the vertical channels. Onto this is welded a back panel with strengthening bends. Horizontal beams are welded cross the front between the outer body panels contributing to lateral stability. Onto this assembly is placed the outer top and bottom with horizontal channels which cover the horizontal beam. Into the interior sides is welded another pan panel with built-in shelf ladder perfo- rations. Into the inner top and bottom are welded a pan section panel that create a flush interior with no dead spaces. Cabinet face is flush with no overlapping metal. The fully enclosed cabinet body is then sealed and caulked for complete moisture proofing.CAR R C O R P O RA T I O - 800 952 2398 - 9/14 - Page 4

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