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Carr Narcotics LockerInstallation, Operation & Maintainance Manual No. 371 Revised 4/13Model NL20Mountingscrews 2"Installation1. Check local codes before beginning installation.2. Drill holes in back of cabinet in locations shown to attach to backing. If backing is not used and instead you choose to screw directly into studs (if possible), drill holes in back of cabinet at appro- priate locations.3. Place cabinet on wall and secure with screws appropri- ate for type of wall material.4. Check that cabinet is level.OperationCabinet can be unlocked using provided keys. Keys cannot be removed in the unlocked position. If key is lost or locks need to be changed, contact Carr.MaintenanceThe cabinet is maintenance free. To clean, use a mild detergent with water and a soft cloth. Wiping cabinet with a mineral oil on a soft cloth will make the stainless steel shine. 4"Wall boardMetal or wood stud4" 3"  3" 30"18"Metal or wood backing4"2"7 or asq’d11"76" or as req’d6" reModel NL10 4"Mountingscrews 2"4" 3"15" 3"  Metal or wood backingMetal or wood stud Wall board371  432154321 5432154321 54321

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