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Narcotics Locker NL20Large size stainless steel narcot- ics locker designed to federal standards for narcotics storage.Size: 18” wide, 30” high, 12” deep.Two doors, one behind another, for layered security. Each door has a core lock, keyed different. Outer door cannot be closed if key is left in inner door. Keys not removable in unlocked position.Welded heavy gauge double wall reinforced construction. Full height piano hinge with welded pin. 3 Shelves, height adjustable.Optional door switch activates optional remote warning light when door is in the open position.NL20: Narcoticslocker,largesize. DSW: Door switching system. RWL: Remote red warning light.CAR R C O R P O RA T I O - 800 952 2398 - 4/13 - Page 2

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